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Can this biohacking relaxation center make you more productive?

Can this biohacking relaxation center make you more productive?

ReCover is not, however, a rehab facility. It’s the difference between a blown-out knee and strained hamstrings—or stress-induced insomnia versus a full nervous breakdown. “We’re a place to go if you may be hurt but you’re not broken,” says Richey.

The studio features a wide range of physical and cognitive technology: infrared saunas, compression therapy, 3D body scanning technology, electromagnetic radiation therapy, and hyperice vibration technology, to name a few.

[Photo: Kevin Wong, courtesy of ReCover]The CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning) pod, for example, looks better suited to transport Superman than address a mere mortal’s needs. The intimidating chamber drastically changes in pressure, alternating between 2,000 to 4,000 feet every 30 seconds.

It’s supposed to improve circulation and boost oxygen-rich blood cells, but all you’ll likely notice at the time is that your ears pop and you can’t stop yawning.

Is it all a gimmick?

It might all sound rather gimmicky, but that’s partially the appeal. Undoubtedly, it might be a placebo effect, but parting with $45 to engage in a 20-minute space-age ride might just convince you that the technology holds credibility. ReCover’s offerings are based on numerous research studies, scientific backing, or hold FDA clearance, but it’s hard to determine how individuals’ bodies (and neuroses) will react.

The NuCalm eased my anxiety, but I happen to like nature doc music and simulated waves. For some, getting buckled down into a chair in midtown Manhattan is the exact opposite of zen. There are, however, numerous Google reviewers who laud ReCover’s miracle-making modalities.

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